The Greenbank Folk Music Society
1995/96 Concert Listing

Tickets are $15.00 each and show time is 8:00pm.
September 16, 1995
Opening: Curly Boy Stubbs
Feature: Ken Whiteley, Jackie Washington and Mose Scarlett
October 14, 1995
Opening: Thom "Champagne Charlie" Roberts
Feature: Carlos del Junco
November 11, 1995
Opening: Brandon Scott
Feature: Robert Atyeo
December 2, 1995
Opening: Terry Tufts
Feature: Fred J. Eaglesmith and the Flying Squirrels
January 13, 1996
Opening: Sam Larkin
Feature: Cate Friesen
February 17, 1996
Opening: Chris Coole
Feature: Joe Hall
March 23, 1996
Opening: Wendy Davis
Feature: Ken Hamm
April 20, 1996
Opening: Bill Candy
Feature: Ray Bonneville
May 25, 1996
Opening: Douglas September
Feature: David Essig

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