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$16 each

In the Greenbank area tickets are available at The Blue Heron Books in Uxbridge. Tickets are also available by calling (905) 985-8351 or (905) 852-7578.


The Greenbank Folk Music Society
2003-2004 Concert Listing

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October 18, 2003
Morgan Davis

From his web site

For 33 years Morgan Davis has played the blues in Canada from Victoria, B.C. to St. Johnís, Newfoundland, as well as Europe and the U.S. Morgan writes the songs, drives the truck, sets up the gear and performs traditional and original Blues. His venues range from 30 seat coffee houses in the B.C. interior and Annapolis Valley to huge folk and blues festivals, performing for crowds of thousands.

Opening for Morgan will be Glen Bensley  


November 15, 2003
Suzie Vinnick

From Suzie's web site

Suzie Vinnick's star is definitely on the rise. A singer-songwriter with great depth and versatility, her debut album, Angel In The Sidelines, met with enthusiastic reviews tagging Suzie as "one to watch" on the Canadian music scene. Born in Saskatoon, Suzie is currently working from her home base in Toronto.

Opening for Suzie will be Susan Latimer  


December 6, 2003
Fred Eaglesmith

From Fred's web site

Fred Eaglesmith has never answered to anyone but Fred Eaglesmith when it comes to making music that says something, means something and is something he truly believes in. Growing up through hard farm times where land got lost and dreams got plowed under, Fred knows what it means to work hard (he tours a gruelling 250-300 shows a year). If the Fred Eaglesmith bus could talk it would tell you stories about long border crossings, gliding down mountains by flashlight or just plain smoking on the side of the road.

In a country like Canada where state ran (where else you going to go?) liquor stores sell CD's for the buying public that have no Canadian content Artists like Fred Eaglesmtih and so many others of unmeasurable talent go unnoticed to so many. As for radio station air-play? What's a radio station anyway? Just stop for a minute and think about it...the disc jockey isn't even picking the music. What's he doing there...talking to you. Only a few select non-mainstream stations give Fred Eaglesmith the air play deserved. Fred has built his own following of Fred Heads and has been warmly embraced in the U.S., Australia, Europe and across Canada by going it his way!

Opening for Fred will be Tom Bays  


January 17, 2004
Crazy Strings

Crazy Strings is Toronto's Bluegrass Co-op. The band consists of some of the most talented musicians on the Canadian Bluegrass scene today. Their weekly house gig at the Silver Dollar has reached legendary status and has become the spiritual epicentre of bluegrass activity in the Toronto area. Come See Chris Quinn, Andrew Collins, Dan Whitley, Marc Roy and Chris Coole pass around the tunes at this rare appearance away from their stomping grounds.


February 14, 2004
Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo
This four piece unit consists of Drums, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, and Saxophones, with everyone on percussion during the big MARDI GRAS BEAD TOSSING Raveups. They use voodoo grooves, junkie blues, Zydeco jump, and New Orleans second-line funk to achieve a spicy swampy medley of sometimes-jazzy, always innovative Cajun-inflected psycho-blues

It's Mardi Gras time in Greenbank!
Get out your dancing shoes!  


March 13, 2004
Tom Wilson

From Tom's web site:

A veteran of the Canadian music scene, Wilson is a larger-than-life figure of a man whose unstoppable personality can fill a room. His piercing eyes and dynamic performances are coupled with a voice that is instantly recognizable in a crowd. A writer and performer of many years, Wilson's eclectic, character-driven musical style has ranged from the psychobilly punch of the Florida Razors, to the folk/blues sensibilities of Blackie & The Rodeo Kings and the funk/blues inspired rock of Junkhouse.

Now solo, energized by the new direction of his career and feeding creatively off of fresh collaborations, Wilson is shying away from traditional music industry monikers.

"I've never wanted to be anything else except a musician and a writer, but I don't want to be seen as a singer-songwriter because of the connotations," he offers. "Instead, I want to break down the cliches of what people think a singer-songwriter should be. Singer-songwriters are commonly thought of as people who write out of boredom, ennui, self-indulgence and self-importance. There's a passiveness attached to this and I'm not any of those things."

Opening for Tom is Gregory Hoskins  


April 17, 2004
Mose Scarlett
Mose Scarlett is, unarguably, one of a kind. While he draws on a wide range of musical sources from the early 1900's through the 40's, his style defies categorization or comparison - the blend is unique. He bills his music as 'Jazz, Blues, Ragtime and Swing' because, as he says, "those are the four things I've been accused of most often". His self-taught, original technique of fingerpicking, dubbed 'stride guitar' by Canadian music journalists, delivers a syncopated punch and features simultaneous chords, melody and bass line, smoothly executed, without seeming effort.
Opening for Mose is Pat Temple  


May 15, 2004
Carlos del Junco

Master of the diatonic harmonica Carlos del Junco returns to Greenbank for the finale of the 2003/2004 season. Come out and be amazed.

The information below is just a sample of what Carlos has done. Visit his web site for lots more information.

During the 80's del Junco performed with many bands including Latin/reggae/r&b band "Eyelevel", "Ontario College of Art Swing Band" with Bill Grove and he had a 6 year stint with rhythm and blues group "The Buzz Upshaw Band". With Kevin Cooke in 1990 he formed a blues/jazz/fusion band, "The Delcomos". He has recorded with Marcel Aymar (Cano), Cassandra Vassick, Oliver Schroer, Zappacosta, and has also worked with Dutch Mason, Domenic Troiano, Hoc Walsh (Downchild Blues Band) and Holly Cole.

In 1991 del Junco performed and composed the music for Tomson Highway's Dora award winning play Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing. The production toured Canada and was held over for seven weeks at Toronto's Royal Alex Theatre.

In 1993 Carlos del Junco won two gold medals at the Hohner World Harmonica Championship held in Trossingen, Germany. He was judged world's best in both the diatonic blues category and the diatonic jazz category.


Carlos has toured Canada often since 1996 and tours regularly in Germany. Festival highlights include playing at the Winnipeg and Calgary Folk Festivals, Montreal Jazz Festival, Fredericton Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, Harbourfront Soul and Blues Festival, Northern Lights Festival Boreal, Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival.