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The Greenbank Folk Music Society
2000-2001 Concert Listing

Tickets are $16.00 each and show time is 8:00pm.
To check ticket availability call (905) 985-8351 or (905) 852-7578.

September 16, 2000
Caitlin Hanford

From Caitlin's page at the Quartette site:

Originally from Bainbridge Island, Washington, CAITLIN HANFORD immigrated to Canada in 1978 after graduating from McGill University. During this time she met her husband and songwriting collaborator, CHRIS WHITELEY, and subsequently moved to Toronto where this successful partnership led to two critically acclaimed albums, several charted singles, and a JUNO nomination for BEST COUNTRY GROUP in 1984.

In 1989, CAITLIN formed her ADOBE BROTHERS band with husband, Chris, and various musical friends. They perform acoustic country, western swing and bluegrass music, both vintage and contemporary. The repertoire is diverse, including many original songs as well as classics with a modern twist, all with a passion and honesty true to the original forms.

CAITLIN has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, and her voice and songs are well known throughout the North American traditional country music industry through her appearances at major folk festivals and through her association with Nashville publisher and songwriter, PAUL CRAFT. In July of 1989, she put her encyclopaedic knowledge of country music to good use by creating a three part series on the history of women in country music, entitled "Honky Tonk Angels", for the CBC Radio show, "The Entertainers".

CAITLIN HANFORD now divides her time between her own career and her work with QUARTETTE

Opening for Caitlin will be Jim Layeux
From Jim's bio:
With this mixture of rural/urban experiences, Jim’s repertoire covers a wide range of traditional, folk, and original songs. His original works have been recorded by a number of other artists. His live performances are a celebration of group singing and audience participation.

October 14, 2000
Katherine, Cate & Crowe

Katherine Wheatley, Cate Friesen and Susan Crowe are Katherine, Cate and Crowe

Take three of Canada's top female singer songwriters - each with a unique style and distinct personality - put them together on one stage and what do you get?

As Ottawa promoter Joe Reilly put it, "a fantastic show!"

Susan Crowe, Cate Friesen, and Katherine Wheatley are all acclaimed artists in their own right. Their tour across Canada in 1999 was so enthusiastically received that they've decided to join forces again. Leaving their bands behind, all three will be on stage together, exchanging songs and stories. They'll weave together themes and harmonies and they'll focus on what is at the heart of their passion: songwriting. Their rapport, both with each other and with the audience, is warm, friendly, and genuine, and their repertoire represents the very best of three distinguished careers. It will be a unique opportunity to discover and enjoy the craft of three of Canada's finest songwriters.

Opening for Katherine, Cate & Crowe will be Eastborne.
Eastbourne is a newly formed band that combines upbeat energy with a wide variety of down-to-earth, honest music. This trio is made up of Caroline Brooks, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist, her sister Katherine Brooks, vocalist, and guitarist Patrick Thurston. Tastefully blending guitar voice and percussion, these performers describe themselves as young, fresh and original.

November 11, 2000
Eric Andersen

From Eric's web site

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1943, he received his early education in Buffalo, where he taught himself guitar and piano. He saw Elvis Presley perform in a gold suit at the local city auditorium and the Everly Brothers play at his unruly high school gym. He also saw the Miles Davis Quintet at Kleinhan's music hall. He had folk groups that performed the political songs of Woody Guthrie and the Weavers and spent a great deal of time reading the books of Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Jack Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg. After two years of pre-medical studies at Hobart College, he hitchhiked to San Francisco to try out his new songs in North Beach coffeehouses and seek out the poets of the Beat Generation. He succeeded in meeting Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Neal Cassady at the City Lights Bookstore. Weeks later, he heard them recite at a poetry reading in Haight Ashbury, on the same evening President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Songwriter Tom Paxton discovered him that late fall of 1963, performing at the Coffee Gallery in North Beach. He heard his songs and invited him to New York City. In 1964, Eric was soon introduced to the Greenwich Village songwriting circle of Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan. He played his first gig as an opening act at Gerde's Folk City. Robert Shelton of the-New York Times wrote a review where he called him "a writer and performer of the first rank…possessing that magical element called star quality." He was signed to Vanguard Records and began recording his first album.

Opening for Eric will be Rachel Kane
From Rachel's web site:
Rachel Kane writes songs of uncommon intelligence about subtle but memorable subjects: the ways we say goodbye; how a long-gone lover can haunt you; the times when language falls short; how we stay grounded in the midst of chaos; the way time passes and what it can do. Kane doesn't deal in passing fancies and trivial pursuits, but in eternal verities revealed through the lens of daily life.

December 2, 2000
Erin Benjamin

From Erin's web site:

"Erin Benjamin has a little ache in her voice that pulls you in and wraps you up like a flannel sheet…when she decides to do a tear-jerker like "Bittersweet" or the devastating "Amy," she does it right."
Neil Fagan, Performing Songwriter May/June 1999

"She could be easily lumped in with singers such as Jewel, Natalie Imbruglia and Holly McNarland, except her songwriting is stronger."
Kennedy Gordon, Sudbury Star 1998

Opening for Erin will be Ray Montford
From Ray's website:
Ray Montford began playing guitar professionally in 1987 and soon developed a reputation among Toronto musicians for his clean, economical style. This lead to work as a back-up musician with several of the city's best songwriters and players. Between 1994 and 1996, Ray toured extensively in Canada, the US and Europe with the Juno Award-winning folk/pop group, The Rankins, and in 1997 with Mary Jane Lamond. Ray shows up on two recordings by The Rankins, "Collection" and "Endless Seasons" and has both played and recorded with a number of artists including The Chieftans, Andy Stochansky, Katherine Wheatley, Blaise Pascal, Rachel Kane, Paul Myers (The Gravelberries), Jaymz Bee and The Look People, Steve Fox, Theresa Doyle and Cate Friesen.

January 13, 2001
Mark Haines and Tom Leighton

You'll be amazed at the energy present on the Greenbank stage when Mark and Tom take it over. Don't miss this concert!

From their web site:

Mark and Tom have been at it a long time. They enjoy the success of being two of the most regular working musicians on earth. They entertain in a wide variety of venues for an even wider assortment of audiences. With their roots firmly planted in tradition, their limbs freely explore the outer limits. Their engaging humor and musicality have made them popular in several circuits. Their ramblings have led them down the highways of Ontario, through the back roads of Britain, along the shores of the Maritimes and into the mountains of New York. They perform a traditional and original repertoire influenced by Celtic, Maritime and North American roots.
Opening for Mark and Tom will be Aengus Finnan
From Aengus' website:
"Every so often, in our wanderings and ramblings through Life, we come across something or someone who makes us stop short and listen, and think, and feel, and know that we've just been touched by some sense, some power or energy that has the ability to give immeasurable meaning to our lives."

Lillian Wauthier, Acoustic Harvest Folk Club

February 17, 2001
Main Squeeze.
It's dance time at Greenbank again!

Bring your favourite partner and come celebrate Valentine/Mardi Gras with Keith Glass of Prairie Oyster and his Zydeco band, Main Squeeze.

March 10, 2001
Susie Arioli Swing Band

Opening for Susie is Jory Nash

April 7, 2001
Bob Snider

Canadian singer-songwriter Bob Snider has been called "a national treasure", "a living legend", "a folk hero", "a talent not to be missed" and "one of our best songwriters". Don't miss this show.

Opening for Bob is Chris Coole, singer and old time banjo player.

May 12, 2001
Ron Sexsmith

From Ron's web site:

Intimacy is often a misused word, but it pretty much sums up the appeal of singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith. Through a passel of remarkably direct songs that prove it's still possible to achieve profound communication with just a voice and a guitar, Sexsmith has built a growing legion of fans, among whom are such peers as Elvis Costello and Sarah McLachlan.

Opening for Ron is Rob Lamothe.

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