The Greenbank Folk Music Society
1994/98 Concert Listing

September 10, 1994
Opening: Vaughn Passmore
Feature: Ken Whiteley, Jackie Washington and Mose Scarlett
October 15, 1994
Opening: The Nationals
Feature: Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick
November 12, 1994
Opening: Ann Walker
Feature: The Bird Sisters
December 3, 1994
Opening: Eve Goldberg
Feature: The Whiteley Brothers
January 14, 1995
Opening: Lee Harper
Feature: James Keelaghan
February 18, 1995
Feature: Jughead
March 18, 1995
Opening: Bob Snider
Feature: Washboard Hank and the Honkers
April 22, 1995
Opening: Katherine Wheatley
Feature: Oliver Schroer
May 13, 1995
Opening: Penny Lang
Feature: Stephen Fearing
The Greenbank Folk Music Society 1995/96 Concert Listing
September 16, 1995
Opening: Curly Boy Stubbs
Feature: Ken Whiteley, Jackie Washington and Mose Scarlett
October 14, 1995
Opening: Thom "Champagne Charlie" Roberts
Feature: Carlos del Junco
November 11, 1995
Opening: Brandon Scott
Feature: Robert Atyeo
December 2, 1995
Opening: Terry Tufts
Feature: Fred J. Eaglesmith and the Flying Squirrels
January 13, 1996
Opening: Sam Larkin
Feature: Cate Friesen
February 17, 1996
Opening: Chris Coole
Feature: Joe Hall
March 23, 1996
Opening: Wendy Davis
Feature: Ken Hamm
April 20, 1996
Opening: Bill Candy
Feature: Ray Bonneville
May 25, 1996
Opening: Douglas September
Feature: David Essig
The Greenbank Folk Music Society 1996/97 Concert Listing
September 21, 1996
Opening: Jason Fowler
Feature: Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
October 19, 1996
Feature: Ron Sexsmith and The Uncool (3 sets)
November 16, 1996
Opening: Mark Sepic
Feature: Carlos del Junco
December 7, 1996
Opening: Mark Johnson
Feature: Harbord Trio
January 18, 1997
Opening: Alex Houghton
Feature: Ian Tamblyn
February 15, 1997
Opening: Brookfield
Feature: Katherine Wheatley
March 15, 1997
Opening: Magoo
Feature: Bob Snider
April 12, 1997
Opening: Rick and Suzie will play 3 sets.
Feature: Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick
May 10, 1997
Opening: Arnie Naiman and Chris Coole
Feature: Eileen McGann
The Greenbank Folk Music Society 1997/98 Concert Listing
September 20, 1997
Opening: Reverent Ken
Feature: Sneezy Waters & Zeke Mazurek
October 18, 1997
Opening: Mose Scarlett
Feature: The Whiteley Brothers
November 15, 1997
Opening: Jason Fowler
Feature: Eric Andersen
December 6, 1997
Opening: Sourpuss
Feature: Swamperella (
January 17, 1998
Opening: Bill Usher
Feature: Oscar Lopez
February 14, 1998
Opening: Andrea Florian
Feature: Stephen Fearing
March 21, 1998
Opening: Terry Tufts
Feature: Bill Bourne
April 18, 1998
Opening: Doug Cox
Feature: Ken Hamm and Doug Cox
May 9, 1998
Opening: Eric Boslund
Feature: Guy Davis (TBS article about Guy)

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